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Place your order. Feel free to provide any special instructions.

2. Prepare

Set your laundry outside for pick up. (Machine-dry in one bag, hang-dry in another.)


Your laundry will be picked up, washed, dried, folded, and returned to you the next day.
About Service

Laundry to Perfection

You hate laundry, but our launderers love it. They’re obsessed with laundry, care to every detail, and deliver nothing but perfection—clean, fresh, and folded to a T. In fact, we ask afterwards “Was it perfect?” Customer ratings mean that only the best launderers stay in the network.

Your Personal Launderer.

Wash, Dry and Fold

Free Pickup & Delivery

Delivered Next Day

Customized for You

Machine dry, hang dry, hypoallergenic… it’s up to you. It’s your laundry done your way.



You will learn more from our FAQ.

Wash, Dry, & Fold
Free Pickup & Delivery
Next Day Delivery (for orders in by 3pm)
Options from air-dry to hypoallergenic
Damage & Loss Protection
There's a $20 minimum on all orders. You can still provide as much or as little laundry as you want, but if it's less than 20 pounds you'll be charged $20.
No. You can put your clothes out for pickup in any bag you want—just make sure it’s closed at the top. Most people use disposable bags. If you have air-dry clothes, put them in a separate bag and label it “air-dry”. You can also put your clothes out in your hamper, in which case your launderer will transfer your clothes to a disposable bag and leave your hamper behind.
what days do you pick up and delivery?
Clothes are washed in cold water only. However, if you want your clothes washed in hot water simply request it in “special instructions” and you’ll be accommodated
Orders in by 3pm are delivered next day by 8pm. (Orders over 100 USD require an extra day.)
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